PC-optimizer pro review and awards

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  • PC-Optimizer pro Review and Awards

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  • PC-optimizer pro review

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    In ZDNet Downloads (12/2/2002)
    Top 20 Position #12 In ZDNet Downloads (12/2/2002)
    Step on it! How to speed up your PC--and prevent crashes
    Preston Gralla,
    Contributing Columnist,
    "how to keep your entire PC in excellent running condition
    Asmw optimizer Deluxe is an all-purpose system optimizer. It uninstalls programs, deletes unneeded files, lets you change your boot settings and remove unneeded DLL files, and much more."

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    Internet Connection booster Tool
    Windows Start Up Manager Tool
    Ram Optimizer Tool
    Windows XP Tweaks Tool
    Windows 9x/me/2K Tweak Tool
    System Information Tool
    Fonts Utility Tool
    Unnecessary DLL Tool
    Clean Junk Files Tool
    Cover Your Navigation Tracks Tool
    Eliminate Popup windows Tool
    Maintenance Wizard Tool
    Registry cleaner Tool
    Find and Fix Invalid Shortcuts Tool
    Fix Invalid uninstall Tool
    Encrypt and Decrypt Files Tool
    Shred Files Tool
    Registry backup and restore Tool
    Exe Lock & Folder Lock Tool
    Menu Guard Tool
    Asmw Folder protection Tool
    Catalog Maker Tool
    Split and Join Tool
    Click here for more information.
    Find Empty Folders Tool
    Folder Compare
    Registry Editor Tool
    Log File Analyzer Tool
    IP Spam Message blocker Tool
    Website Book Organizer
    Phone Book Organizer
    Plug-ins Maker
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    PC-Optimizer Pro Review and Awards

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