Fix Invalid Shortcuts Tool

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Fix Invalid Shortcuts Tool

Fix Invalid Shortcuts Tool

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Shortcuts are links to files and documents stored in other places on your system. Your Windows Start Menu contains shortcuts pointing to various files elsewhere on your hard drive(s). Double-clicking a shortcut automatically opens its corresponding application or document. targets of these shortcuts may be moved or removed, leaving the shortcut pointing to a file or location that no longer exists.

Scan your Start Menu.

If you would only like to scan your Start Menu for orphaned links, select the check box labeled “scan only users start menu”. Then click start button.

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Scanning entire drive(s).

If you would like to scan entire hard drives on your system you can select the check boxes that correspond with the drives you wish to scan. Then click start button.

To Exclude shortcuts with targets referring to Removable or network drives.

Sometimes you system contains shortcuts that refer to files contained on CDROM discs or network drives that are not currently available, but still valid. If you want Shortcuts like these To be skipped When searching Check this option.

To scan for moved shortcut targets.

If you would like to scan your drives for the files that are referenced by the invalid shortcuts, after scan finish click find target button, then a new search to populate listed broken links.

To Manually find moved targets

you can perform a manual search for the missing targets To do this, double click on the broken link then point to the target file.

Removing selected shortcuts

To remove any listed broken links check box next to the link, or to select all broken links listed click select all button. or to select non click the select non button. Once you have selected the shortcuts you wish to remove, now select the target where you wish to remove these broken links see safe removal. Then click remove button.

Fix Invalid Shortcuts Tool

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