Asmw Eraser Pro

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Asmw Eraser Pro

Here, we provide screenshots of some of the main Asmw Eraser Pro screens, to help you get a feel for this ground-breaking application.

Main Screen

One click is all it takes. Simply hit "Start Erasing" to wipe your system clean of all its Windows, Internet and application history logs. It will be good as new in seconds, and will report exactly what it's removed and how much disk space it's recovered for you at the end. Or you could hit "Test Now" to see full report of what will be done when you decided to run erasing. just remember nothing will be deleted when you hit the "test Now".

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Erasing Settings

The Erasing screen allows you to set exactly what you do and don't want deleted.

Keep Screen

Not everything on your machine needs to be deleted. If you want to keep a cookie or to keep some sites history log. and to keep them in your PC, but delete the rest? Just add it to the Keep screen and it won't be touched by Asmw Eraser Pro.

Options & Secure Deletion Screen

Got certain files you want to make "disappear"? Perhaps you have images or videos you wouldn't like your family knowing you've seen. Simply select the files or folders you wish to remove( Using Plug-in Maker came free with Asmw Eraser Pro), then run a "Start Erasing". At maximum level security, the part of the hard disk they're stored on is overwritten As many time as you wish to ensure that data can never be recovered, even with a Government undelete program.

you can run Asmw Eraser Pro in stealth mode, meaning that absolutely no-one will know it's running secretly in the background -- until you press your secret keys. You may wish to schedule "cleans", or automatically clean when Windows starts up and shuts down. Just select the option!.

Prevent Home Page From Being Changed By Website Checking this feature will enable Asmw Eraser to monitor your homepage settings. If another web site attempts to change your homepage, it will prompt you first to agree/disagree to the change.
Plug-in Maker Screen
There are so many applications / programs that keep tracks of recent activities such as playlist of Mediaplayer, Realplayer, recent files of Office, Winzip, and much more. Others can also see what files you have accessed, what media you have played , what picture you have viewed.
Asmw Eraser Pro  free Application Plug-ins Maker gives you the flexibility to choose which plug-in to install according to the applications / programs you have installed. This makes Asmw Eraser Pro have the ability to support up to nearly unlimited applications / programs.
If you make a plugin and want to share it with others, please email your plug-in to us

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