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Internet Connection Booster

Internet Connection Booster

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Internet Optimizer is a tool designed to optimize an important group of Windows configuration settings that directly affect your Internet connection speed. When Windows is installed, these settings are in most cases not optimized for the Internet or for your particular network connection and actually prevent you from reaching potential download and upload speeds due to information "fragmentation" and other redundant delays. Internet Optimizer now makes it easy for anyone to reach maximum performance with a few clicks.

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Many people experience increases in throughput speed of over 200% when using Internet Optimizer's optimizations. Internet Optimizer does not allow your modem (or other connection device) to establish a connection at a faster rate than it did before, it allows it to transfer more data at once over that connection. This results in faster, more reliable downloads, uploads, e-mail, web-browsing, on-line gaming, and more. Internet Optimizer's effects will benefit all applications that use an Internet connection such as all web browsers, e-mail programs..... etc.
Internet Optimizer works with more than just modem connections as well. Whether you are connected via a DSL, cable modem, ISDN, or other LAN connection, Internet Optimizer can maximize your performance.
 Internet Optimizer has the ability to automatically set all of the configuration data to the optimum values for your particular connection and system, it also allows provides an easy way to manually view and edit these settings individually.
Use optimum settings for your configuration.
Internet Optimizer has the ability to automatically configure your system for the best Internet and network performance. Optimizing your connection in this manner is recommended if you are not comfortable
Restore settings before using Internet optimization
When Internet Optimizer is started for the first time, it makes a copy of your current network settings in case you should ever wish to revert the state your computer was in before using the program. If at any time you would like to restore your computer to its original state, as far as network settings are concerned, select the button from the Internet Optimizer main screen entitled “Restore settings before sing Internet optimization”.
 Note: Before using this option please make sure that your connection is correctly set.

Internet Connection Booster

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