To check any folders for changes. from drive(s) options, select check folders for changes.
 From the list browse for pre monitored folder. Then click "start Checking" button. a dialog box will give you the estimated search time that it will take if you want to continue searching then click "yes" button.
 After the search
From this window, you can see new files listing from the current folder specified in the current path.
The button column to the left offers the following:
  • Select all files for deletion.
  • Select none of the files.
  • Print the file list for review later.
  • Create Report for new files added or any changes to system.ini or win.ini.
  • Delete the select files to backup.
  • To view file, click file from the list, then click "View" button.
  • Close the results window when you are satisfied.
To Remove Projects
From the list browse for pre monitored folder. To remove this project click "Remove this project" button.

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