Lock Folder Protect Folder with password

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Asmw Folder Protection Tool

Lock Folder Protect Folder with password

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Asmw folder protection Tool is a comprehensive security solution for personal or publicly accessible computers running the Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x operating system. It is a program that ensures that only authorized people can access sensitive information on your computer. Lock Folder makes folders locked.

When Lock Folder locks a folder, the folder's contents will be safe to all applications including Windows programs like Explorer, applications like Office.

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You will find locked Folder indispensable if you share your computer with others and you don't want any changes made to your files. Or, if you don't want your parents to see some of your files. However you use Windows, you may have concerns about the security, privacy, or confidentiality of your files. And now you have a single, effective solution Asmw folder protection Tool .

How to Use

Before Asmw folder protection Tool can protect folders you have to enter new password.

  1. Select folders you want to protect in the DirTree or FileList. The paths of selected folders will appear in the edit. You can also enter paths of files or folders directly in the edit.
  2. click "protect folder" button. Paths of your selected folders will be listed in the protected folder List. or from normal windows explorer select any folder then right mouse click then select "lock using Asmw folder protection Tool" option and the folder will be locked.
  3. To unlock any folder already locked double click on folder, a new window will appear asking you to enter your password enter your password then click "OK".

Asmw Folder Protection Tool

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